Reliable Land Rover and Range Rover Engines you can count on

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Which are the most Reliable Land Rover Engines? Based on the year of manufacture and the company responsible you can narrow down on a lemon engine or one of the most reliable range rover engines. 

The debate over Range Rover reliability goes on and on, but from a more impartial standpoint, we have reliable Land Rover engines.

When the Range Rover Classic was introduced in the 1960s, Range Rover and General Motors collaborated on the highly acclaimed Rover V8 engine, inspired by Buick. This collaboration may have opened the door for future partnerships with other manufacturers. 

The truth is – the engines we’ll talk about in this post aren’t on the top 10 most reliable engines of all time, but they’re still the best option for fans of Land Rover and Range Rover.

Which is the most reliable land rover engine?

Land Rover has redesigned the SUV in a variety of styles since 1970 when the first Range Rover model hit the roads. With several models available, we have a couple of Reliable Land Rover Engines dependable to buy new or used.

Land Rovers and Range Rovers have had engines from different manufacturers. GM Motors and later BMW, Ford, and Jaguar. Each brought a different ownership experience.

The worst era for the Land Rover company was 1994 – 2008; the vehicles were still good at heart (mechanically), but they were marred and lost respect due to frequent failures and a lack of parts and adequate repair options. During the BMW era, the worst engines were produced. It is best to avoid any Land Rover models manufactured between 1994 and 2000.

With that in mind, we can safely conclude – Engines manufactured after 2008 have a better chance of being reliable. The famous Range Rover Classic is exempt from this rule. Let’s look at the best range rover engine.

Reliable Land Rover Engines - Rover V8 engine (Buick 215 V8)

First on our reliable Land Rover engines line up is the Rover 8. This was a light engine that used a 16-valve pushrod architecture. It had a redesigned intake manifold. With two HS6-type SU carburetors and a sand-cast block with pressed-in iron cylinder liners. With a dry weight of roughly 170 kg, the Rover engine was heavier but stronger than the Buick engine. Had improved economy, more torque, and of course, better performance.

From a displacement of 3.5L to 4.6L, the Rover V8 Engine is a blend of power, durability, and a simple V8 to tweak. With two valves per cylinder, 

The Rover V8 was discontinued in 1986 leaving a mark in the motoring world that has ensured the Range Rover Classic is still a loved rig.

What's good in the Rover 8 Engine

Reliable Land Rover Engines - Rover V8 engine
  • To make room for a starting handle, like in Land Rovers, the water pump was shifted up. Additionally, the starter motor was moved upward to keep it out of the way of pebbles and bumps.
  • The Zenith CD 2S carburetors were installed in place of the SU ones, and the compression ratio was decreased to 8.5:1 so that the engine could operate on lower octane “2-star” fuel. The air-cleaner featured a one-way valve to stop water from entering the engine and enable any water that tried to leak in to drain away to help the vehicle navigate through water.

Range Rovers with the Rover 8 Engine

Range Rover Classic

Numerous antique and classic car specialists have recognized the two-door as one of the best and most practical vintage vehicles available. Range Rover Classics are a significant investment and continue to draw premium offers. That says a lot about what is under the hood.

The Series 3 Land Rover

The series 1 and 2 Landrovers carved a niche in the motoring world. Particularly among off-road enthusiasts. But the Rover 8 engine’s entry allowed Land Rover to extend the catalog, but first, it needed a few tweaks. 

To ensure that the car could run on low-quality gasoline and reduce the vehicle’s peak speed capability, the Rover V8 engine was detuned, partly by decreasing the compression ratio. a reliable off-road vehicle, popular with Overlanding enthusiasts. Some still maintain that its off-road talents are uncontested. The engine’s top speed was kept to a level that would allow it to keep up with oncoming traffic on the highway, but not much more. This has got to be one of the best range rover engines to own.

Reliable Land Rover Engines - Jaguar AJ133 V8 & AJ126 V6

The BMW engines in the Land Rover vehicles had a dismal performance. When Jaguar came on board, it was the beginning of a journey to restore the reliability enjoyed in the Rover 8. 

The V8 engines continued the legacy of the V8 Rover in performance and torque. But it was the AJ126 V6 engines that made a mark on performance and reliability. The Range Rover was the first beneficiary of the V8 engine from Jaguar—AJ133. 

Reliability is not an issue for vehicles with the Jaguar engines like the Range Rover Vogue (2002 to 2006), Range Rover Sport (2006 to 2009) and the 2005 to 2009 Land Rover Discovery.

The V6 and V8 engines share the same design and layout, with the only difference on the V6 being 2 fewer cylinders. Key mechanical design elements include direct fuel injection. Four overhead camshafts, and four valves per cylinder.

The engine’s main structural components are all made of aluminum alloy. The engine is built around a cylinder block that is very stiff, lightweight and enclosed in a V. Noise and vibration are taken care of with additional reinforcement in the sump body. 

These Jaguar engines use a Bosch high-pressure direct injection fuel system. Additionally, we have two cam-driven high-pressure pumps that are operated by a separate camshaft to supply fuel pressure to the engine.

AJ126 engine reliability

The material used to construct the engine is one of the most important characteristics of a reliable engine. The AJ126 engine is unquestionably well-built. One of the most reliable Land Rover engines. The crankshaft is also well-designed, with strong bearings and journals that can withstand high loads.

To ensure an uninterrupted supply of oil to critical parts for lubrication, the AJ126 engine has an advanced oiling system coupled with a heavy-duty oil pump. The engine has an oil cooler to keep things running smoothly. This allows the engine to run for longer periods of time with less strain.

An advanced fuel management system that precisely regulates fuel injection is another feature that adds to the engine’s toughness. This helps to keep the engine efficient and thus reduces performance strain.

The AJ126 is reliable in our perspective, with the exception of a few instances of timing chain problems largely related to faulty guides and tensioners which was a design flaw that Land Rover later addressed. Oil leaks also crop up but both issues can be remedied upon early notice.

You may extend the life of this engine by adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules.

Reliable Land Rover Engines Jaguar AJ133

Range Rovers using the Jaguar AJ133 V8 & AJ126 V6 Engines

As earlier mentioned, 3 Land Rover vehicles had Jaguar engines under the hood. The Range Rover Vogue, the Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover Discovery 3. The choices by fuel type and displacement for the Range Rover include:-

The Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover share a chassis and powertrain, so we delve into the Range Rover and Land Rover engines.

Range Rover Vogue

Gasoline L322

4.2L Supercharged, 4.4 L V8, 5.0L V8, 5.0L Supercharged V8

Diesel L322

3.6l TDV8, 4.4L TDV8

Land Rover Discovery – LR3


4.0L V6, 4.4L V8


2.7 TDV6

At what mileage do Range Rovers have problems

A Range Rover could last up to 200,000 miles before requiring major repairs with proper maintenance, regular servicing, and conservative driving habits. That translates to about 10 to 13 years of service at 15,000 miles per year. Obviously, to get those numbers you must stay away from lemon land rover engines. Hope this article helps you pick the best range rover engine.

Wrapping up

As a motoring enthusiast or newbie, you may choose the worst land rover engine and suffer the agony, or you may choose one of the reliable Land Rover engines that will serve you well, albeit with careful maintenance. Vehicle purchases are influenced by personal tastes and preferences. That is why, despite endless complaints about reliability, people continue to purchase Range Rovers for the luxury experience. They could have a better experience if they were given a little more direction.

Tata Motors has done an outstanding job in reviving the Land Rover brand. Despite a few issues, the vehicles discussed in this article should serve you well.

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