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Best BMW 3 series engine

Best BMW 3 series engine

Best BMW 3 series engine in 5 generations Let’s look at the most reliable BMW 3 series engine from the last five generations. Our subjects being the BMW E21, E36, E46, E90, and F30. BMW 3 series reliability is a hot topic among fans and lovers.  That is with good enough reasons because this is […]

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N52 engine reliability

N52 engine reliability Today, we’re delving into the amazing world of N52 engine reliability. This is for car enthusiasts and gearheads! The BMW N52 engine is a naturally aspirated inline-six engine that was introduced in 2004. It was produced until 2015. The N52 engine combines horsepower, stylish design, and precision engineering into a single power

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reliable BMW diesel engines

Reliable BMW diesel engines

Reliable BMW diesel engines A brief disclaimer before we begin our discussion of reliable BMW diesel engines. As of the time of this writing, BMW has stopped selling diesel-powered BMW vehicles in North America. Despite production being constrained by emission regulations, diesel variants are still available on the European market. As a result, none of

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best BMW v8 engines

best BMW v8 engines

V8 or Nothing: The Best BMW V8 engines Let’s discuss the best BMW V8 engines ever made. The thrill of a finely tuned V8 engine is something that all car enthusiasts yearn for. These engines necessitate high-level maintenance and a healthy budget. But, hey, that’s the cost of happiness! Power and high performance in internal combustion

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reliable BMW X5 ENGINE

Reliable BMW X5 ENGINE

The Heart of the Beast: Most reliable BMW X5 ENGINE Most BMWs prioritize luxury and performance. The luxury is undeniable, as is the performance, particularly in the BMW X5. However, BMW X5 reliability is a mixed bag of emotions. That serves as the foundation for our discussion of the most reliable BMW X5 engine, as

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Most Reliable BMW Engines

Most Reliable BMW Engines

4 Most Reliable BMW Engines: Built to Last Let’s discover the most reliable BMW engines which include; the now-famous B58 engine and its cousin the B48, the torquey M57 engine, the punchy N63TU3 engine, and the legendary M20 engine. Not all BMWs are lemons and still, not all BMWs are created equal. What might go

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BMW Engines To Avoid

bmw engines to avoid 1

BMW Engines to avoid + why BMWs are unreliable Every year on the most luxurious and reliable vehicle list features one of the most iconic vehicle brands – BMW. At the same time, for some strange reasons, BMW still features in the unreliable car list. That may sound confusing but read on because this article

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