3 Best Mercedes AMG Engines For Unmatched Thrills

3 Best Mercedes AMG engines

The best Mercedes AMG engines are like a lineup of legends. A complete list of AMG engines is long, but we cherry-picked the best.

Mercedes takes a lot of pride in its AMG line of engines. What better way to demonstrate dedication than by following a one-man, one-machine building philosophy?

One expert engine technician puts together AMG engines using different parts that are already made. They use advanced tools and machines. 

When the engine is all done, it comes with a special plate that has the worker’s name and signature on it.

Some think this is just a marketing gimmick. But others keep coming back for AMG after another because they truly admire this principle.

From the lower-end C-Class Mercedes to the fancier S-Class, the AMG engines are seriously impressive.

So, which engine makes it to the list of the best?

Best Mercedes AMG engines - M157

Best Mercedes AMG engines - M157


Unveiled in 2011, the M157 AMG engine marked a significant leap forward in the realm of automotive excellence.

The AMG M157 engine can transform mundane drives into heart-pounding escapades.

The unmistakable exhaust note of the AMG M157 engine deserves a mention. Nothing beats the excitement accompanying every acceleration and downshift as the engine produces glorious sounds.

This is the primary reason the M157 is loved by many.  

Central to the M157 engine’s configuration is a 5.5-liter V8 powerhouse featuring twin turbochargers seamlessly integrated within the engine. This configuration yields a pulsating 500 horsepower and an impressive torque of 700 Nm. 

With this power, the engine can propel you from 0 to 60 mph in less than eight seconds.

The M157 engine is a masterpiece of engineering precision. From its lightweight construction to its optimized airflow dynamics, every element of this engine’s design is meticulously designed for performance. 

The aluminum-alloy block ensures robustness without compromising agility, enhancing the engine’s performance on the road.

Key features setting the AMG M157 apart include:

  • Twin-Turbochargers: For rapid acceleration and immediate responsiveness
  • Direct Injection: For precise fuel delivery control and enhanced power efficiency
  • Air-to-Water Intercooler: The primary job of the intercooler is to maintain optimal intake air temperature for consistent performance

Regular oil changes, fluid checks, and inspections significantly contribute to maintaining the engine’s enduring performance.

Utilizing OEM parts for the upkeep of the M157 engine guarantees a seamless ownership experience, devoid of unnecessary complications.

Best Mercedes AMG engines - GLE63

GLE 63

AMG models featuring the M157 Engine include:

  • E63: Epitomizing the capabilities of the M157 Engine
  • S63: Harmonizing comfort and Raw Power
  • GLE63: Blending SUV practicality with sports car-Like performance
  • GLS63: Versatile SUV empowered by impressive dynamics
  • GLC63: Compact yet potent SUV
  • GT 4-Door Coupe: Combining coupe aesthetics with sedan practicality

Best Mercedes AMG engines - M156

Best Mercedes AMG engines - M156


The M156 engine has come a long way since its inception. From its early days as a concept to its current iteration, the engine has undergone numerous advancements and improvements. These developments have enabled the M156 engine to deliver outstanding power, efficiency, and reliability.

The M156 AMG engine is a naturally aspirated V8 with a displacement of around 6.2 liters, it produces a remarkable amount of power, making it a favorite among performance enthusiasts and sports car aficionados.

Raw power, as delivered in 507 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque, this engine from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering time of just 4.3 seconds.

Other key features include:

  • Displacement: 6.2 liters
  • Horsepower: Over 450 hp
  • Torque: Exceeding 450 lb-ft
  • Cylinders: V8 Configuration
  • Aspiration: Naturally Aspirated

Crafted with precision, the M156 AMG engine boasts an all-aluminum construction, reducing weight and improving efficiency. Its design features a naturally aspirated V8 layout, a nod to the classic muscle car era. 

AMG fans are unanimous on the M156 title for the best-sounding rig. 

As for reliability, one of the main reliability concerns with the M156 engine was related to premature wear of the camshaft adjuster magnets and camshaft lobes. 

This issue could lead to poor engine performance, rough idling, and potentially catastrophic engine failure if not addressed promptly. Mercedes-Benz had released technical service bulletins and conducted recalls to address these issues in some cases.

Best Mercedes AMG engines - CLK63 AMG

CLK 63

The M156 AMG engine has left an indelible mark on the automotive world powering fantastic cars such as:

  • C63 AMG delivers 451 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque to clock 4.3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph
  • CLK63 AMG Black Series delivers 500 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque
  • SL63 AMG which stuns at 518 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque
  • SLS AMG is easily the most powerful of the bunch at 563 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque to achieve 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

Best Mercedes AMG engines - M113K

Best Mercedes AMG engines - M113K


In the realm of AMG engines, one powerplant stands out as incredibly reliable—the M113K.

At the core of the M113K AMG engine sits a powerful 5.5-liter supercharged V8 that can produce a lot of power.

What makes the M113K so powerful is its supercharger. This engine has a special supercharger that uses a belt to push air into the engine’s combustion chambers at higher pressure.

This results in a quick response when you press the gas, as the supercharger, which is like a special fan in the middle of the engine, comes to life.

The M113K engine also has a smart system that controls how much fuel goes into the engine, and how the air and fuel mix. This helps the engine be more efficient.

One reason the M113K engine is agile is because it’s made with lightweight materials. These materials make the engine’s weight and power balanced.

The engine is built with forged pistons, connecting rods, and a crankshaft that is made to handle tough driving and even use on a race track. This means the engine can last for a long time.

The engine has a special cooling system that cools down the air before it goes into the engine. Because the M113K engine makes a lot of power, it gets very hot. With the cooling system, the engine stays at the right temperature even during fast drives.

While the M113K engine has some issues, they are not too serious. Here are some common problems:

The supercharger belt and pulley can wear out over time because of the supercharger’s going on overkill. Check them regularly for any signs of damage.

Sometimes, the engine might leak oil because of old seals or gaskets.

Engines like the M113K’s can have problems with carbon building up on the valves. This can make the engine not work as well and create more pollution.

The throttle body, which controls how much air goes into the engine, can have problems with carbon buildup or electronic issues. Cleaning it regularly can help prevent these issues.


Best Mercedes AMG engines e55


Now, let’s talk about the cars that use the M113K engines. Here are some of them:

  • E55 AMG (W211): This AMG came out in 2003 and had loads of power—469 horsepower—and could sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a bit over four seconds.
  • CLS55 AMG (C219): This car had similar power to the E55 AMG so obviously equally exciting
  • SL55 AMG (R230): A convertible built for speed
  • CL55 AMG (C215): The king of the roadsters
  • S55 AMG (W220): Luxurious S class that had enormous torque
  • G55 AMG (W463): The best off-roading machine out there but still the most potent
  • SLK55 AMG (R171): Compact convertible with exciting power

The M113K engine is truly special, with its great power and the cars it powers. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering that brings both performance and endurance.

Wrapping up

We have 2 more engines not featured in this list but keep checking for revisions on the best Mercedes AMG engines.

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